Andrea Otto

Candidate for the Electorate of Nicholls, VIC

Andrea Otto

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I was inspired to run as a candidate by the prospect of effecting real change in the political sphere. I have been politically engaged since a young age when I saw the power of people play out in the Franklin Dam protests of the 80s on the TV. My first protest march was for nuclear disarmament, at that time I was just fifteen years of age. Empowerment and a sense of community came from these early experiences.

The issue of most concern to me is the Climate Emergency and its effect on people, our communities and our natural environment. It is a problem that successive governments have failed to act on, jeopardising the future for our children, and delaying action to the point where we will be forced to abandon towns, farms and homes due to repeated severe flooding along our east coast.

Over the years I have also noticed a serious decline in the bird and animal numbers, along with a complete lack of government concern around the problems of the natural world or the people who rely on it. Ecological restoration is another key focus of my platform, the benefits of which flow to people, the community and our natural environment.

Underlying both these problems is the appalling state of our democracy and the influence of corporations on our corrupted two party system.

About Andrea

Andrea moved to Northern Victoria almost 30 years ago and fell in love with the big sky country. She earned her degree in accounting while working full time and raising two daughters, who are now grown. It was concern for her children that saw her join a small regional political group called One Planet which ultimately joined the Fusion party. Andrea has been a keen horse rider, but now spends most of her spare time on the region's beautiful waterways in a kayak where she finds solace and a deep connection to nature.

Priority Areas

Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

Declare and mobilise against the climate emergency with a 10 year transition to negative emissions. Put a price on carbon and lead internationally to restore a safe climate with 800% renewables.

Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration

End native logging and incentivise regenerative agriculture and biodiversity. Manage watersheds and rehydrate Australia. Cease fossil fuel extraction.

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance

Anti-corruption body, Compassionate welfare, Whistleblower protection, Simpler + fairer economics, Transparent government and Campaign finance reform.

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