Brandon Selic

Candidate for the Senate (QLD)

Brandon Selic

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Brandon is a criminal defence lawyer with nearly 15 years of experience having worked previously as a community lawyer, family lawyer and Police Prosecutor up and down the east coast of Australia. He has been involved in activism and politics for over 20 years, was one of the earliest members of the Pirate Party Australia when it formed in 2009, and has contributed to the last three Federal Election campaigns as well as policy development and press releases.

As Deputy President, Brandon continues the work he has done with the Pirate Party, looking to make further policy contributions, expand the membership base and prepare for the next election.

Priority Areas

Civil + Digital Liberties

Civil + Digital Liberties

Restore the public domain, Intellectual property reform, Oppose rent-seeking and parasitic monopolism, Privacy and digital rights.

Individual Freedoms

Individual Freedoms

Constitutional bill of rights, Freedom of speech, Voluntary euthanasia, Marriage equality, Guarantee to privacy.

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance

Anti-corruption body, Compassionate welfare, Whistleblower protection, Simpler + fairer economics, Transparent government and Campaign finance reform.

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