Brendan Clarke

Candidate for the Electorate of Berowra, NSW

Brendan Clarke

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I joined the Science Party (then the Future Party) in 2015 with the dreams of bringing science and technology to the forefront of Australian Government policy. I ran as a candidate in the 2016 and 2019 Federal Election (Berowra) and the NSW Legislative Council.

I was drawn to the Science Party by its principles and focus on developing policy through the scientific method. Through these principles, innovative policies are created, tested and improved as new evidence becomes available.

Now, I believe that Australians are ready to embrace those same dreams.

The Liberals last year introduced legislation in an attempt to kill minor parties. They have attacked our democracy and we have fought back by merging with other like minded parties. We are stronger than ever in becoming Fusion.

I am not content with Australia just having a place in the world, but see Australia as a potential world leader in science, education, innovation and healthcare.

Australia should be the country that the world looks to as a beacon of success. For a free culture, open democracy and real climate action, vote Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency.


Brendan grew up in the small town of Aberdeen in the Upper Hunter Valley and currently works as a Systems Engineer at the Commonwealth Bank.

He was inspired as a child by Paul Keating's vision of creating a high tech, knowledge and technology based economy.

Brendan is a transhumanist and a technology evangelist. He believes that through scientific advancement and technology we can solve the world's problems like climate change, poverty, inequality and global conflict.

Interests include virtual and augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence and the need for affordable high speed internet.

He feels very strongly the need to invest in science, health and public education along with infrastructure and high speed rail. His dream is to see Australia as the world leader in science, education and healthcare.

Priority Areas

Future Focused

Future Focused

Industries for space and jobs of the future. Research fusion and clean energy. Connect Australia with high-speed rail. Search for a cure for ageing. Protect the planet for future generations.

Education for Life

Education for Life

Teaching for modern life. Needs based funding reforms. Universities for education, not profit.

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance

Anti-corruption body, Compassionate welfare, Whistleblower protection, Simpler + fairer economics, Transparent government and Campaign finance reform.

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