James Haggerty

Candidate for the Electorate of Grayndler, NSW

James Haggerty

[email protected]


I want there to be a place in Australian politics where evidence based reforms are explored without fear, reminding Australians and our major parties that there's more to successful government than narrow self-interest and winning elections. I believe the Fusion Party can give us that opportunity by expounding optimistic and realistic paths to a better Australia and a better world, and I'm keen to bring our enthusiasm to as many people as I can.


James lives in Sydney's Inner West with his partner and two daughters, and has a background primarily in Computer Science and education. He is currently working as a software developer for a not for profit which is improving the teaching of computing and computer programming – 'Digital Technologies' in the parlance of the Australian Curriculum – in schools.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in English, History and Computer Science, and a Master of Teaching (Secondary).

Priority Areas

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance

Anti-corruption body, Compassionate welfare, Whistleblower protection, Simpler + fairer economics, Transparent government and Campaign finance reform.

An Accessible Society

Fair + Inclusive Society

Housing as a home, Equitable justice for all, Universal basic income - UBI, Universal public health, Access to childcare.

Future Focused

Future Focused

Industries for space and jobs of the future. Research fusion and clean energy. Connect Australia with high-speed rail. Search for a cure for ageing. Protect the planet for future generations.

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