Matthew McMillan

Candidate for the Electorate of Adelaide, SA

Matthew McMillan

[email protected]

I hope to help shift the debate towards a more progressive vision for Adelaide and a better form of representational government, better able to meet the expectations of the community and deal with the challenges of the future.

I stand for better infrastructure in Australia to this would allow us to reduce our reliance on cars and be able to better serve the community while reducing congestion and overcrowding. We need a strong vision of the future to handle our growing population.

Within this vision I would also like to focus on healthcare and work towards a model that serves the entire community and is scalable to handle future challenges, and adapt to the growing and complex needs of our society.

We must also urgently decarbonise our national logistics infrastructure, for example support for hydrogen-fuelled freight rail using recycled waste water in regional Australia.


Matthew lives in the Adelaide CBD with his brother and has a background in commerce and finance, while working in management. He is currently working in the rail industry, saving lives, since leaving the hospitality sector.
Matthew believes in political responsibility and transparency for better democracy and a focus on integrity.

Priority Areas

Future Focused

Future Focused

Industries for space and jobs of the future. Research fusion and clean energy. Connect Australia with high-speed rail. Search for a cure for ageing. Protect the planet for future generations.

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance

Anti-corruption body, Compassionate welfare, Whistleblower protection, Simpler + fairer economics, Transparent government and Campaign finance reform.

Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

Declare and mobilise against the climate emergency with a 10 year transition to negative emissions. Put a price on carbon and lead internationally to restore a safe climate with 800% renewables.

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