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In May this year, Fusion Party underwent our regular audit by the Australian Electoral Commission to confirm we have 1500 active members. We reached this milestone but now we want your help to help keep us firmly on the ballot. So this July we want to get 200 new members across all states. Learn more.

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National progress

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13 of 200 recruited signups

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Top recruiters - National

Miles Whiticker


2 recruited signups

Alex Valentine


1 recruited signups

State progress

Help Fusion grow in your state. Is your state missing? Find out why.


6 of 19 recruited signups
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Top recruiters - Queensland

  • Miles Whiticker


    2 recruited signups

New South Wales

3 of 52 recruited signups
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Top recruiters - New South Wales

    Oops looks like no-one is here yet. Could you be the first?


2 of 49 recruited signups
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Top recruiters - Victoria

  • Alex Valentine


    1 recruited signups

South Australia

1 of 10 recruited signups
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Top recruiters - South Australia

    Oops looks like no-one is here yet. Could you be the first?

Northern Territory

1 of 10 recruited signups
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Top recruiters - Northern Territory

    Oops looks like no-one is here yet. Could you be the first?

Getting started

  1. Decide you want to help Fusion achieve a brighter future for Australians
  2. Share social media posts with a link to signup
  3. Print out flyers and posters at home to hand out in your spare time
  4. Help strangers sign up on our Join page, or take their details so you can sign them up yourself
  5. Take photos, get help from other members, have fun!

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How it works

How can we reach 200 new members? If five members from each state recruit five members each, we can easily reach our target. The maths checks out: 5 x 5 = 25 and 25 x 8 = 200

Does each state have the same target? Although we want to average 25 new members per state, we realise this will be harder for small states. So we adjusted the individual state goals so that smaller states have smaller targets, and larger states have larger targets. The overall goal is the same.

Are there prizes? There sure are! They are secret for now, but expect prizes every week for things like top recruiters and most original recruitment attempt (keep it safe and legal!).

I have an idea or offer of a prize We love to hear it! Reach out to us to let us know so we can organise it.

I don't have much time but I'd still like to help. Follow us on social media, get your friends to sign up as members, or throw us a donation.

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Is Fusion at risk of running out of members? Short answer: no. Long answer: we did a good job for the audit, but there is always a chance the AEC will ask us to submit more members.

Why aren't I on the leaderboard? Sign in then go to your personal profile and make sure "Show on leaderboards" selected. After that, maybe try recruiting more people?

My state isn't showing up in the progress tracker. Get yourself on the state leaderboard and your state will appear.

Why don't the numbers on the tracker add up? Some new signups don't have full details or a recruiter, and some recruiters have private profiles.

Someone I recruited isn't being counted Ask your friend to email the memberships team for them to manually update their profile.

I'm a pirate member, how does my membership work? Pirates are automatically granted full Fusion membership, but aren't in the Fusion member database by default. You can sign up as a "new" Fusion member to get your details in the system without affecting either your Pirate or Fusion membership status. Remember to ensure your Pirate Party member details are up to date.

Where can I learn about the party? Head to the Our Party and FAQ sections on the website, or checkout the resources.

How can I do more for the party? Check out Upcoming Events or sign up to volunteer.

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