• 15 September 2022

    There's so much going on right now!

    • Discord catchup – Wed 21 Sep
    • Victorian campaign update
    • Melbourne meetup – Sat 24 Sep
    • QLD news and Brisbane meetup – Sat 24 Sep
    • Next Monthly Meeting – Wed 28 Sep
    • Other events of interest
    • Annual General Meeting – Sun 23 Oct
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  • 2022 Annual General Meeting

    • 14 September 2022

    Fusion's AGM is is an opportunity to find out what the party has been up to, vote on proposed changes to the association's constitution and, my favourite part, vote for the members who will lead the organisation for the next year.

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  • Newsletter August 2022

    • 22 August 2022

    In this newsletter:

    • Victorian state election update
    • Next Monthly Meeting – Wed 31 Aug
    • Perth social meetup
    • Events of interest

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  • Newsletter July 2022

    • 24 July 2022

    Our July newsletter contains updates on:

    • Victorian state election announcement
    • Next Monthly Meeting - Wed 27 July
    • New ways to get involved

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  • Newsletter June 2022

    • 07 June 2022

    Welcome to Fusion's first regular newsletter! This monthly newsletter will keep you up to date with campaigns, news and events for our growing party.

    Fusion will also hold monthly online meetings for members and supporters. There will be in-person meetings too.

    The first of these meetings will be on Thursday 16th June at 7pm AEST – read on for details.

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  • Classifying ageing as a disease

    • 16 May 2022

    Why does Fusion want to classify ageing as a disease? This policy is the product of consultation with forward-looking health professionals and organisations. It does not mean that everyone over a certain age has a disease!

    Read on for more. Read the policy here:

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  • NSW Senate preferences – why seven?

    • 16 May 2022

    Fusion's how-to-vote suggestions reflect who we'd prefer to see elected if we aren't successful. Six numbers above the line is the bare minimum, but in the Senate for NSW, we're suggesting seven parties that we thought were better (more aligned with our values) than the alternatives.

    The party that we suggest at #7 is not the party we like the least. This is our #7 choice out of a total of 23 parties on the NSW Senate ballot paper.

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  • Rights, Responsibilities, Resources & Research

    • 16 May 2022

    Hi, I'm Adam Woodings, and I'm standing for the Senate in Western Australia. Why though?

    Policy areas of particular interest to me are Ethical Governance, Individual Freedoms, Civil and Digital Liberties, and a Focus on the Future. Here's why those things matter to me:

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  • 5,000,000 Young Australians' interests on Climate Change thrown out by the Federal Court

    • 16 March 2022

    The Fusion Party of Australia is outraged at yesterday's Full Bench Federal Court decision to dismiss the case of young Australians seeking to ensure that their rights are considered by the Commonwealth in development approvals.

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  • Government response to flooding is inadequate and fails to recognise our changing climate

    • 07 March 2022

    Fusion Party Australia is appalled by the insufficient federal government response to the severe weather and flooding across South East Queensland and northern New South Wales. Fusion senate candidates in both states are calling for declaration of a climate emergency all at levels of government, as part of a strategic mobilisation of resources to protect Australians.

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