Roger Whatling

Candidate for the Senate (QLD)

Roger Whatling

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I've been a "quiet Australian" for most of my life, opting to avoid the circus of Australian politics where finger-pointing and back-stabbing is the norm. The current government that is meant to be representing the average Aussie is doing a horrible job and the people deserve alternatives. That's why I'm running for the Senate.

I value a thriving ecology and coexistence with nature by focusing on making technological advancements without continuing the detrimental impact on our environment. I value the freedom for an individual to live their best life, however they see that being, so long as it doesn't have a direct negative impact on the freedoms of others and without excessive government surveillance. I value culture and believe that sharing of information for the betterment of the community should be prioritised over share price. I value truth, transparency and open governance.

I'm not a career politician, and I don't have friends in the mining industry. I represent the kind of person who wants a government that knows what it's like to be them. Someone who won't take a Hawaiian holiday while the country is on fire or spend taxpayer dollars on tanks during a global pandemic. Someone who will advocate equality of opportunity. Someone who's not in the pocket of industry or religious donors. Someone who is able to balance the needs of the land with those of the economy.

I truly believe the Fusion Party has the best policies to see Australia into a bright future.

For a free culture, open democracy and real climate action, vote Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency.


Roger is a project manager who has spent the last decade working in consulting and professional services, delivering initiatives for some of Australia’s largest businesses and government departments. Roger has recently moved into the private sector and is excited about making a positive contribution to any project he is a part of.

With a background in technical support and internet hosting services, Roger sees the future as digital and so was drawn to the Pirate Party as a political party with a focus on the technological future of Australia and the world. Roger has been involved with the Fusion Party since its forming in 2021 and is thrilled to be a part of the growing movement of positive change.

When he’s not managing projects or plotting to overthrow the government, Roger is a heavy metal enthusiast who enjoys playing guitar, sports and getting out in nature. Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Roger now lives in the beautiful Moreton Bay region.

Priority Areas

Individual Freedoms

Individual Freedoms

Constitutional bill of rights, Freedom of speech, Voluntary euthanasia, Marriage equality, Guarantee to privacy.

Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration

End native logging and incentivise regenerative agriculture and biodiversity. Manage watersheds and rehydrate Australia. Cease fossil fuel extraction.

Civil + Digital Liberties

Civil + Digital Liberties

Restore the public domain, Intellectual property reform, Oppose rent-seeking and parasitic monopolism, Privacy and digital rights.

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