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Tim Viljoen

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The Liberal and National parties (LNP) have broken what it feels like to be an Australian. They have shamed us time and again on the world stage. They have played us for fools domestically. They have rorted and corrupted everything they touched. They failed at every challenge be it fire, plague, or flood.

We need policies that look to the future and make brave choices for our children. 

We need to decarbonise our economy rapidly. We are at least 10 years late taking meaningful action on climate change.

Australians are disgusted and alarmed at the corruption that has been not just allowed but actively encouraged by the LNP government.

My three top priorities for Australia are:

  • Holding government to account on corruption and inaction.
  • A Fair and Inclusive society. So many Australians are unable to find a secure place to live? The system has broken.
  • Implementing a climate emergency mobilisation response. It's too late for baby steps, a swift transition helps us all.

What are we waiting for?


Tim currently works in the not-for-profit public housing sector as a horticulturist. He recently sat on the board of a large arts NFP, Blazing Swan, which delivers some of the largest private art grants in the state and guides a 3,000-person event run on the Burning Man principles.

Tim brings a wealth of experience, from his presidency of the Master Gentlemans Hairdressing Association and sitting on the Hairdressers Registration Board as an industry representative, to his time as president of Bentley TAFE campus.

Tim has lived and worked all over WA and understands many of the issues our large state deals with.

Priority Areas

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance

Anti-corruption body, Compassionate welfare, Whistleblower protection, Simpler + fairer economics, Transparent government and Campaign finance reform.

An Accessible Society

Fair + Inclusive Society

Housing as a home, Equitable justice for all, Universal basic income - UBI, Universal public health, Access to childcare.

Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

Declare and mobilise against the climate emergency with a 10 year transition to negative emissions. Put a price on carbon and lead internationally to restore a safe climate with 800% renewables.

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