Our story and mission

The Fusion Party Australia was formed in 2021 through an amalgamation of the Science Party, Pirate Party, Secular Party, Vote Planet, and Climate Change Justice Party. These five experienced political parties, each with deep special interests, fused to form something more powerful than the sum of their parts. More about the party can be found here.

Party facts

The parties that formed Fusion have been contesting elections since 2010. They have run candidates in both houses of federal parliament in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA and TAS. In the 2019 federal election these parties collectively won 76,861 votes across 4 states.

In 2022, Fusion ran 19 candidates across NSW, QLD, SA, WA and VIC in its first federal election.

Fusion candidate Owen Miller contested the 2023 Aston by-election.

Our team

The party leadership team is listed here.

Press releases

29 Mar 2023 Press release: Fusion Party candidate Owen Miller and Aleph Melbourne support Elimination of Discrimination

28 Feb 2023 Press release: Fusion Party announces tech entrepreneur and AI advocate Owen Miller as candidate for 2023 Aston by-election

11 Feb 2022 Press release: Fusion — A Fresh Threat to LNP and Labor Votes

Press coverage

06 Mar 2023 'Fusion Party candidate Owen Miller wants to see government embrace technology for the betterment of society', Star Mail

24 Apr 2022 Ask Me Anything (AMA), Reddit

11 Feb 2022 Radio interview, The Wire

19 Mar 2022 Podcast interview, New Politics

Press contact

Please direct all press related enquiries to Andrea Leong at [email protected].

Social Media


Referring to the Party Registration Act 2021: "[The major parties] are losing ground to us every election, and instead of doing better to win back the voters, they're outlawing the competition. It's an insult to every voter who wants change. We're here to lead and represent our communities where the big parties have failed."
- Andrea Leong, Fusion Party President and candidate for the Senate NSW, 2022

"This election we're building something bigger than we would have achieved individually and it's exciting to be a part of that."
- Andrea Otto, Vote Planet President, 2022

"We've become such a threat to both Liberal and Labor that they decided to wipe us off the ballot. They might regret changing the rules."
- Miles Whiticker, Pirate Party President, 2022

"Our parties have always been closely aligned, but changing the registration requirements brought half of the registered parties to the table to discuss the formation of an alliance. We now have the potential to become bigger than the Greens."
- John Perkins, Secular Party President, 2022

"We are gunning for strategic seats in this election to cause a lot of trouble for both major parties, and now we have the people to do it."
- Petar Johnson, Climate Change Justice Party President, 2022


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