We are in a time when a handful of marginal seats receive 80% of discretionary dollars, corporations are more important than people, the Federal Government fights any attempts for greater transparency or to be held to account for their corruption, whistleblowers are prosecuted, and we have enough money for questionable war toys but not to keep people out of poverty. How far has Australia fallen? We need to restore what we have lost and go much further to achieve a just society.

  • Anti-corruption body
  • Compassionate welfare
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Simpler + fairer economics
  • Transparent government
  • Campaign finance reform

Transparent government

In order to make informed decisions for a vibrant democracy, citizens need to know when the government is acting against their best interests. Public servants are expected to work for the people, and the people should have access to information to oversee their actions.

  • Real-time disclosure of political donations above $1,000 to show flows of influence over politicians
  • Open access to advice behind policy decisions (better FOIA)
  • Removal of restrictions of speech on public servants
  • Re-fund the ABC
a glass table

Anti-corruption and whistleblowing

Corruption appears to be widespread in Australian politics, and state ICACs have demonstrated that there are real cases of wrongdoing for which politicians need to be held to account.

  • Create an anti-corruption commission at the federal level, with retrospective powers and open hearings.
  • Implement protections for whistleblowers and activists

An economic model that works for all people

Australians, more than others, have an expectation of a fair-go. But that's often not what they receive. With some unable to catch a break, others exploit the position they are in to pass their externalities across society.

The metrics we use to measure the status of the economy are relatively meaningless in guiding policy to support a high quality of life for all Australians. Rethinking our targets will allow us to refocus on building a better society.

  • Remove taxation loopholes and poverty traps to allow the young and lower income to access the same tax system as the most wealthy in society
  • Recognise alternative 'budgets and balances' that must be maintained and expended effectively, for a diversified metric of people's quality of life.
    • Monetary: GDP, Budget, Unemployment
    • Environmental: Carbon Concentrations, Biodiversity
    • Personal: Opportunity, Education, Health and Wellbeing

Simpler and fairer economics

Consider a tax reform package based on land value tax and UBI with a negative income tax as a potential approach.

Oppose rent-seeking and parasitic monopolism

The Australian government appears to focus more on the welfare of some corporations than the welfare of the Australian people. No bid contracts, corporations allowed to grow too big to fail and parasitic monopolies allowed to flourish. The playing field is not fair and this impacts negatively on small businesses and Australians. We need to restore an even playing field.