Society is fundamentally comprised of individuals. Each of us is unique in our education, experiences, circumstances, thoughts, and beliefs, and these differences should be allowed and encouraged equally for all.

  • Constitutional bill of rights
  • Freedom of speech
  • Voluntary assisted dying
  • Marriage equality
  • Guarantee to privacy

Freedom of speech

Speech is the cornerstone of the enlightenment and the safeguard for all other liberties, protecting not just the right to speak, but the right to hear, understand, and judge the ideas of others. Free speech underpins our ability to think, create, innovate and progress.

  • Remove censorship, blasphemy, and other laws against speech
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Constitutional bill of rights

Recognising the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings, a bill of rights would ensure the rights that are fundamental to a fair and ethical society are extended to all within it. A bill of rights can restore balance and provide unambiguous checks on the creeping intrusion of the state into private life.

  • Freedom of speech, association, and religion
  • The rights to privacy, and a trial by jury
  • The right against indefinite detention, and unjust seizure of property
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Voluntary assisted dying

Voluntary assisted dying is an important aspect of the principle of self-ownership. Support for voluntary assisted dying is not a statement of any kind on the value of life, it is merely respect for the right of persons to make decisions on these matters for themselves in the light of their individual circumstances. While safeguards are necessary, all people should be allowed to live and end their lives with dignity and peace. Bans on voluntary assisted dying create a legacy of suffering and a shattering loss of dignity and autonomy.

  • Decriminalise physician-assisted dying.
  • Introduce regulatory processes and safeguards to ensure euthanasia is completed free from coercion, with informed consent, and after sufficient mental and physical health assessments.