We live in a world of opportunities – the actions of all of those that came before us have presented us with the world we have today, and our current actions will determine the future that all of those who come after us may enjoy…

A fundamental role of government is to provide the frameworks and incentives to guide people and businesses past short-term thinking, and provide a secure future for the planet, the country, its citizens, and their children.

  • Industries for space and jobs of the future
  • Research fusion and clean energy
  • Connect Australia with high-speed rail
  • Classify ageing as a disease, extend research to prevent ageing (read more)

Long-term vision

There is great potential for Australia by understanding and planning for where the country will be in 50 years. By detecting and readying to take advantage of emerging trends we can develop new economies, build resilience against threats, and take control of our fate.

  • Create a minister for the future to ensure the long-term consequences of all policies are assessed and considered.
  • Invest in research into new medicines and techniques to improve health and healthy lifespan.
  • Develop manufacturing districts for industries of the future such as space, renewable energy, and quantum and biological computing.

High-speed rail

The distribution and sprawling nature of our cities is a result of the difficulty in moving between them at speed. A fast rail network would provide new options for people's choice of residence, and create vibrant corridors of economic growth along the line.

  • Build a high-speed rail line between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne

Black-sky thinking

The largest industries today are based on the invention and development of singular advancements, such as the transistor. Broadening research avenues to search for new opportunities may provide the seed for the next scientific revolution.

  • Double funding for research, development, and commercialisation of new technologies.
  • Join the international research effort into developing fusion energy