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  • Annual General Meeting 2022

    Sunday, October 23, 2022 at 04:00 PM · Zoom

    Please be advised of important information regarding the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Fusion Political Party. This meeting is held in accordance with the constitution of the association and with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

    Date and time

    4:00 PM (AEDT), Sunday 23 October 2022

    Location and participation

    Online using Zoom

    The meeting will have a waiting room enabled. Please set your display name to your real name, so we can verify your identity and let you into the meeting.

    You can appoint a proxy if you cannot attend. Your nominated proxy must be another Fusion member. They will be able to vote on motions on your behalf, but not on committee elections. Please ensure your proxy knows that they are voting on your behalf on the day.

    Click here to appoint a proxy


    • Welcome
    • Annual Report of the Committee
    • Report of Financial Statements
    • Officer Reports and Speeches
    • Constitutional Amendment Proposals
    • Review Membership Application/Subscription Fee
    • Committee Nominations and Speeches
    • General Business & Strategy Conversation
    • Close

    Substance of Motions

    1. Confirmation of minutes

    "That the minutes of the previous Special General Meeting of Fusion Political Party held on 10 April 2022 as made available to all members, be confirmed as a true and correct record of the meeting."

    Refer to Minutes of Special General Meeting held on 10 April 2022 (PDF).

    2. Accept Financial Statements

    "That the Statement of Accounts for the financial year ending 31 July 2022 be approved."

    Statement of Accounts to be presented at Annual General Meeting.

    3. Special Resolution to amend the constitution

    "That the amendments proposed to the RULES OF ASSOCIATION for Fusion Political Party Constitution v1.1 be accepted in their entirety."

    Refer to FUSION_Constitution_V1.2_for_approval and also Summary of Constitution Amendment Proposals (both PDF).

    Moved by: Roger Whatling
    Seconded by: Andrea Leong

    4. Subscription and Joining Fee

    "That the joining and annual membership renewal fee be increased to $20, allowing for exceptions to be granted by the Secretary or Executive Committee."

    Committee Elections

    Election of Committee members requires a secret ballot, and the option to “seek further candidates”. To make the process easier, elections will be conducted using a secure online platform for a 2 week period following the AGM.

    Nominations will be accepted up to 4:00 PM (AEDT), Saturday 22 October and nominees provided the opportunity to address the members at the AGM.

    Click here to nominate for the Executive Committee

    Further Information

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email [email protected].

    Thank you for your support!

  • Monthly meeting - 26 October 2022

    Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 07:00 PM · Online (RSVP below for the Zoom link)

    Join our next monthly meeting – topics to be confirmed.


  • Monthly meeting - 30 November 2022

    Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 07:00 PM · Online (RSVP below for the Zoom link)

    Join our next monthly meeting – topics to be confirmed.