As part of a world that is continually shrinking, with globalisation and multinational corporations widespread, Australia must act morally, as an example of a successful multicultural democracy, while defending its interests from foreign opposition.

In an era of nuclear weapons and subversion, we need to be prepared but not aggressive, and support an international rules-based order to ensure our ongoing survival.

  • Responsible global citizenship
  • Sovereign rights over trade agreements
  • Defence focused armament
  • Focused immigration + asylum

Responsible global citizenship

Australia’s relationship with the world is essential and needs to be managed well. Going-alone in a conflict is not an option, and the alliances and friendships that we have with our neighbours are critical.

  • Expand use of diplomacy and aid in support of global human rights
  • Ensure aid is provided even in times of Australian strain, to secure allegiances that are strong
  • Support political asylum for refugees, particularly for whistleblowers and those exiled for defending democratic freedoms.

Defensive posture and capability

It must be ensured that the country is not ‘preparing to fight the last war’. Modern conflicts are likely to be economic, subversive, space, or cyber related - so in addition to physical defence of the nation with armament, protections of our way of life need to be implemented.

  • Develop strategic alternative supply chains for critical elements of the economy.
    • Semiconductor and IT infrastructure
    • Medicinal products and precursors
    • Food and food processing
    • Steel and plastics processing, machining, and fabrication capability
  • Renew faith in democracy, institutions, and the media.