Fair + Inclusive Society

The health, wellbeing, and productivity of Australia as a whole is dependent on the quality of the lives of people in society. By investing in people - education, health, housing, and their security - the long-term prosperity of the country will be ensured.

Social costs are often hidden, but solving problems of this type has broad positive consequences across the economy. By structuring policy and broader incentives, our government will reshape the justice, fairness, and sustainability outcomes of citizens, removing structural inequities to achieve better outcomes for all, and for Australia itself.

  • Housing as a home
  • Equitable justice for all
  • Universal basic income - UBI
  • Universal public health
  • Access to childcare

Housing as a home

A roof to live under is one of the most basic needs one has, however adequate housing is becoming further and further out of reach for many in society

  • Cease tax structures that incentivise properties as a portfolio investments such as the capital gains tax discount
  • Replace stamp duty with more equitable revenue streams such as land-tax, to ensure housing is not left vacant solely as an asset.
  • Allow increased zoning densities to enhance supply and limit urban-sprawl into surrounding bushland.
  • Increase social/affordable housing stock.
  • Increase Australian building standards so that buildings are accessible, comfortable and energy efficient.

Universal preventative healthcare

The Australian Medicare model is one of the best health-care systems in the world, but it needs to be continually funded to achieve its benefits. Early detection and treatment of disease achieves cost savings over the long-term, and allows for a healthier and more productive population.

  • Add basic mental and dental health to medicare
  • Increased budgets for bulk-billing, telehealth
  • Treat alcoholism and other drug dependencies as health issues.

Universal Basic Income

An unconditional payment to everyone that ensures the basics of life are catered for may give people security to leave a bad situation and freedom to pursue a new future. No conditions means no bureaucracy, which improves productivity and efficiency, saving the country money and eliminating poverty traps that prevent people from building a better future for themselves.

  • Direct payment of $500 per week or equivalent tax credit for every citizen over 18 years of age, effecting a minimum income guarantee.
  • Replace many conditional welfare streams and replace taxation brackets with a flat tax rate.
  • Additional top-up payments for aged, disabled, carers, etc, to match existing rates and achieve a minimum liveable income for their needs.
  • Net take-home income will not change substantially for many, but every citizen will receive the benefit of security that a UBI affords.

Recognition of Australia's First Nations

In line with FUSION's Fair and Inclusive Society position, FUSION stands for the Uluru Statement from the Heart as a first step to better representation of First Nations in Australia. FUSION supports the constitutional change the Uluru Statement requires to establish a First Nations Voice in Parliament.

FUSION supports steps towards a Treaty with First Nations. Australia is among the only Commonwealth countries without a legally binding treaty with its first peoples. A Treaty would provide an opportunity for First Nations people and the Australian state to speak to one another, for the first time, as sovereign to sovereign.

FUSION stands for changing the date Australia Day is celebrated. Why celebrate on a day that is a day of mourning for so many? It only recently Australia moved Australia Day to the day the First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson. There are many other significant dates to choose from.

A more just society

Justice starts with an even playing field, and requires belief by the community that people are treated equally under the law.

  • Focus on outcomes and restorative justice, rather than punishment.
  • Reduce recidivism by improving rehabilitation.
  • Reduce actual and perceived discrimination.


Fusion believes in a fair and inclusive society where LGBTIQA+ individuals are guaranteed safety with government intervention only to protect an individual's rights or health, or where the provision of public money is required.

The Sex Discrimination Act does not need to be amended to make discrimination easier.

Medicare should be expanded to provide long term healthcare for LGBTIQA+ individuals including prescribed gender affirming hormone treatment, surgical procedures, products and services. 

Ensure schools are safe and inclusive for all students by: 

  • Abolish the federally-funded school chaplains program and fund a youth counselling program
  • Implementing safe schools program
  • Implementing age appropriate sex, gender and healthy relationship education into the national curriculum

Ensure all domestic partnerships have the same legal standing regardless of gender or sexual orientation.