Future Focused

We live in a world of opportunities – the actions of all of those that came before us have presented us with the world we have today, and our current actions will determine the future that all of those who come after us may enjoy.....

A fundamental role of government is to provide the frameworks and incentives to guide people and businesses past short-term thinking, and provide a secure future for the planet, the country, its citizens, and their children.


Education for Life

Education gives minds, young and old, the language to dream their future, and the inquisitiveness to bring it about.

Education, by its very nature, is the ultimate plan for the future; it is the belief that time and effort spent learning today will be justified multiple times over by the gains it will produce in the future.

Today's students are tomorrow's scientists, engineers, artists, writers and leaders, so any investment in education is an investment in the country.


Ethical Governance

We are in a time when a handful of marginal seats receive 80% of discretionary dollars, corporations are more important than people, the Federal Government fights any attempts for greater transparency or to be held to account for their corruption, whistleblowers are prosecuted, and we have enough money for questionable war toys but not to keep people out of poverty. How far has Australia fallen? We need to restore what we have lost and go much further to achieve a just society.


Fair + Inclusive Society

The health, wellbeing, and productivity of Australia as a whole is dependent on the quality of the lives of people in society. By investing in people - education, health, housing, and their security - the long-term prosperity of the country will be ensured.

Social costs are often hidden, but solving problems of this type has broad positive consequences across the economy. By structuring policy and broader incentives, our government will reshape the justice, fairness, and sustainability outcomes of citizens, removing structural inequities to achieve better outcomes for all, and for Australia itself.


Individual Freedoms

Society is fundamentally comprised of individuals. Each of us is unique in our education, experiences, circumstances, thoughts, and beliefs, and these differences should be allowed and encouraged equally for all.


Ecological Restoration

The environment we all live in had been in balance for generations before the spiral of degradation we now experience. Beyond ensuring sustainability, we also need to restore what we have lost, and reverse our current trajectory into the sixth mass extinction.

Naturally, ecological restoration goes hand in hand with restoring a safe climate and reducing greenhouse gas concentrations, but it will also be key to rewild, restore complex ecosystem processes and habitat, revive water stores and small water cycles, and rehabilitate desecrated land.


Civil + Digital Liberties

In the modern world the public square has largely been destroyed - most spaces open to the public, both physical and digital, are now owned by corporations rather than society.

For freedoms to matter they must extend across society, rather than be limited to the shrinking confines of public space.


Secular Humanism

Our freedom to think and act in the manner that best reflects our morals is one of the most important features of western democracy. People’s religious views are often some of their most strongly held beliefs.

As humanists, we care about all people. Secularism ensures that not only do people have freedom of religion, but freedom from religion. A government must not be allowed to enforce beliefs on its citizens, and one’s spiritual beliefs should be kept away from the laws that govern every person in society.


Fair Foreign Policy

As part of a world that is continually shrinking, with globalisation and multinational corporations widespread, Australia must act morally, as an example of a successful multicultural democracy, while defending its interests from foreign opposition.

In an era of nuclear weapons and subversion, we need to be prepared but not aggressive, and support an international rules-based order to ensure our ongoing survival.