Climate rescue

The world has passed any point that could be regarded as a safe climate. Preventing catastrophe will require decisive action, with all options on the table.

Kangaroos in a futuristic setting

Future Focused

Australia has an educated population and a long history of innovation. We could be dreaming a lot bigger for what's possible in this country, and how we can improve the world.

A child raising his hand

Education for Life

Education helps us to master the tools for exploring our imagination and for turning our dreams into reality, throughout life. It helps us to understand the universe, and ourselves. The unexamined life is not worth living.

Hands being washed above some water

Ethical Governance

Australian governments have a history of corruption and pork-barrelling. Whistleblowers are an endangered species, and after years of requests for a national anti-corruption commission, the newly formed commission is staying awfully quiet.

A boy looking out a window

Fair + Inclusive Society

We believe in a fair society that removes unnecessary hurdles and allows us all to reach self-actualisation. Our approach to social welfare needn't mean squabbling over small pieces of a pie: when each of us flourishes, so does society as a whole.

An eagle soaring

Individual Freedoms

We believe in a capable education system and a fair society, empowering people to make sensible, smart choices that benefit themselves and their broader society. We recognise the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings.

Seaweed, as seen underwater

Ecological Restoration

The environment in which we've lived for generations is spiralling into catastrophe, and common attitudes only care about how the changes are affecting humans. The liveable environment for humans needs healthy biodiversity, and it needs urgent repair.

A robot with rights

Civil + Digital Liberties

Our modern lives are lived online, and this aspect of life is largely dictated to us by American tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google. What ever happened to our ability to democratically decide how our own society works?

Secular Humanism

In making laws where all residents can flourish, governments must necessarily separate their personal morals from the democratic principles that have actually been decided by society. As Socrates would say, we can pursue knowledge as morality.

A lighthouse

Fair Foreign Policy

In a world that's continually shrinking and growing increasingly polarised, Australia needs to resist short-term measures that will exacerbate conflict. We need to act morally and ensure that any rules-based order will be a respected set of rules.