Our Party

Fusion brings compassionate, evidence-informed policy to the voters of Australia.

Our Vision

Fusion Party Australia strives for a free, fair, and innovative society for current and future generations, with meaningful work to meet the critical social and ecological challenges of our times. Fusion's approach is to empower communities and foster deliberative democracy across our society.

Our vision for a brighter and fairer future for Australia is based on our shared core values, and policy platform drawn from these foundations. We recognise that there are times when our values are (or may appear to be) in conflict, and this is when our consultation process must be at its most robust.


Our Mission

Fusion's mission is to collaborate widely throughout society, to deeply explore underlying issues, and to build consensus for long-term solutions.

Community consultation is of our top priorities, so we strive to embody the transparent and accountable democracy we want for our nation.

Confronting the climate emergency and reversing global warming are critical for our continued prosperity and happiness. Public education, healthcare and scientific research are important investments in our long-term future. Policy should empower citizens, promoting rights and freedoms—including in the digital spaces that are now part of our everyday lives.


Our Values


We aim for equity, as the bare minimum requirement for quality of life for all Australians. 

Ethical conduct is essential to ensure we achieve equity for all in a trustworthy and fair manner.

The next value that is prioritised is ensuring we maintain safety at all times when improving the lives of all Australians, where respect-for-life is the preferred stance. Priority is protection from harm towards attaining the highest level of freedom.

With respect to the nature of our home and environment we live in, from our immediate relationship with our surroundings, our city, country, continent, the world and beyond, we work to restore ecological harmony.

As we experience increasingly new levels of advancement in science and technology, we want to optimise the goal of forever improving, progressing, empowering, actualising, while respecting our previous values before it.

Our utmost, utopian ideal is that we are people who stand for ultimate personal freedom - including freedom of thought, to explore radical concepts or ideas, supporting authentic self-expression.


Our Story

We were formed in 2021 through an amalgamation of the Science Party, Pirate Party, Secular Party, Vote Planet, and Climate Change Justice Party. Our fusion has expanded our knowledge base and strengthened our organisational capacity, bringing together like-minded people from across the continent.

We contested our first election in May 2022, with Senate candidates in all five mainland states and nine House of Representatives candidates (see below)—a testament to our capacity when working together.


Who we are

Fusion is run entirely by volunteers. Below is a list of just some of the people that help to keep the party running.


President Drew Wolfendale
Secretary Adam Woodings
Convenor Owen Miller
Treasurer Michael Maroske
National Campaigns Coordinator Vacant
Registered Officer Dylan James O'Brien
Branch Representative - Science Drew Wolfendale
Branch Representative - Vote Planet Undisclosed
Branch Representative - Pirate Miles Whiticker

Non-Executive Officers

Policy Committee Michael Maroske
Engagement Committee Sahar Khalili
Communications Committee Angus Ladyman-Palmer


Previous Candidates

2023 Aston by-election

Owen Miller
Aston (VIC)

2022 Federal Election

Andrea Leong
Senate (NSW)
Ian Bryce
Senate (NSW)
Kammy Cordner Hunt
Senate (VIC)
Tahlia Farrant
Senate (VIC)
Brandon Selic
Senate (QLD)
Roger Whatling
Senate (QLD)
Tim Viljoen
Senate (WA)
Adam Woodings
Senate (WA)
Drew Wolfendale
Senate (SA)
David Kennedy
Senate (SA)
Matthew McMillan
Adelaide (SA)
John August
Bennelong (NSW)
Brendan Clarke
Berowra (NSW)
Adrian Whitehead
Cooper (VIC)
Geoff Barnes
Dobell (NSW)
James Haggerty
Grayndler (NSW)
Adam Cropp
Leichhardt (QLD)
Andrea Otto
Nicholls (VIC)
Sahar Khalili
Reid (NSW)