Our Party

What we are

Five experienced political parties, each with deep special interests, are fusing to form something more powerful than the sum of our parts. A party determined to secure a safe climate and environment, a humanist society, and free culture, held together by science.

This fusion was initially driven by the 'Party Integrity Bill' which required minor parties to re-register with three times as many members. The bill turned out to be serendipitous — a catalyst for four distinct specialisations to merge and for Fusion to have a deep but far-reaching policy platform.

We're fighting back — small parties are under attack, so we're becoming a larger party — broadening our membership base, geographical reach, and policy scope.

We have become:


A merger of the Science Party, Pirate Party,
Secular Party, Vote Planet, and Climate Change Justice Party.

Fighting the dystopia, corruption, and economic inequity of today's politics, we bring our specialist focuses of the climate emergency, unlocking the future, free culture, and secular humanism to the fore.

Solarpunks, farmers, rationalists, doctors, climate warriors, artists, makers, teachers, activists, ethical hackers, community workers, culture jammers, extinction rebels, and public servants — all have combined to create a new light in the Australian political arena.

Fighting dystopia.

Fusing for a brighter future.

Fusion will create a bright future for all Australians.

Who we are

Fusion is run entirely by volunteers. Below is a list of just some of the people that help to keep the party running.


President Roger Whatling
Secretary Roger Whatling
Convenor Petar Johnston
Treasurer Michael Maroske
Registered officer Kammy Cordner
Branch Representative - Science Andrea Leong
Branch Representative - Science Drew Wolfendale
Branch Representative - Vote Planet David Lughermo
Branch Representative - Secular John Perkins
Branch Representative - Secular Shaun Haddrill
Branch Representative - Pirate Miles Whiticker
Branch Representative - Pirate David Kennedy


Previous Candidates

2022 Federal Election

Andrea Leong
Senate (NSW)
Ian Bryce
Senate (NSW)
Kammy Cordner Hunt
Senate (VIC)
Tahlia Farrant
Senate (VIC)
Brandon Selic
Senate (QLD)
Roger Whatling
Senate (QLD)
Tim Viljoen
Senate (WA)
Adam Woodings
Senate (WA)
Drew Wolfendale
Senate (SA)
David Kennedy
Senate (SA)
Matthew McMillan
Adelaide (SA)
John August
Bennelong (NSW)
Brendan Clarke
Berowra (NSW)
Adrian Whitehead
Cooper (VIC)
Geoff Barnes
Dobell (NSW)
James Haggerty
Grayndler (NSW)
Adam Cropp
Leichhardt (QLD)
Andrea Otto
Nicholls (VIC)
Sahar Khalili
Reid (NSW)