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With Fusion, I hope to achieve an expansion of our presence and visibility in SA. I would like to see us move towards a better form of representational government, as a necessary step towards building a government capable of handling the challenges of the future.

Additionally, I would like to work towards a better model for water management in this country that can be duplicated in all viable areas, with the principal goal of increasing the sustainability of our agricultural practices. This would help ensure food security long-term both for us and for our nearest neighbours should severe climate change consequences come down on us.

Subsequently, I would like to work towards more integrated long-term arrangements with our neighbours to ensure that arising crisis points in our vicinity do not lead to humanitarian disasters when the world can least afford them in the face of rising global instability and climate change.

Finally, I would like to provide the needed government support for decarbonisation of our national logistics infrastructure, which suffers under high overhead costs and lack of vision in that regard. Among other things this would specifically include support for hydrogen-fuelled freight rail using recycled waste water in regional Australia.


I am an Adelaide local from the northern suburbs, born and raised. I completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining at Adelaide University, and later pursued postgraduate studies in finance and economics at Adelaide University and at Göteborg Handelshögskolan (The Gothenburg School of Economics) in Sweden.

Since graduating at a time when the mining industry was contracting, I have worked principally with the railway industry with a focus on problem identification and solution building within complex systems and ultimately within the strategic asset management planning field where I continue to work, moving progressively into a data systems integration advisory role.

I believe that the traditional delineation of political ideologies is now obsolete, and that the future lies in building policies that can be directly and transparently supported by a clear and communicable values base, which I strive to consistently build all of my communication and personal conduct from, both in politics and in my personal life.