• Why Donations Shouldn't Be Banned

    Posted by · July 11, 2024 9:31 PM

    Labor-led South Australia has recently announced some "world-leading" draft legislation which would ban political donations and instead give government money to political parties to do their campaigning. Although there seems to be widespread public support for what seems like a levelling of the playing field, it's our view that it is yet another effort to sabotage democracy by the same people who voted to triple the membership requirements for establishing federal parties.

    The Labor Party are the same people establishing a Ministry of Truth; and their reluctant promise to create a National Anti-Corruption Commission has resulted in a commission which doesn't actually do anything.

    What follows is our yourSAy submission about the Electoral (Accountability and Integrity) Amendment Bill 2024.

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  • Adopting Artificial Intelligence ‚ąí our senate submission

    Posted by · May 09, 2024 10:13 PM

    Australia is rapidly falling behind in the AI arms race, as it struggles to respond quickly to the changes that have been predicted for decades.

    What follows is our submission on 2024-05-09, to the Senate's Select Committee on Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    A robot

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  • An open letter to Grattan Institute and ABC about education reform

    Posted by · April 29, 2024 12:50 PM

    In February this year, Grattan Institute released a report once again blaming teachers for educational outcomes in Australia. The ABC promoted this report, which described the situation as a ‚Äúpreventable tragedy‚ÄĚ. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-02-11/grattan-institute-reading-report/103446606¬†

    This is misleading, and a product of questionable public policy which is unlikely to result in improved educational outcomes if acted on. It's well known amongst educational staff and leaders that teaching is the most politicised profession, where teachers, who are usually themselves the ones engaging in pedagogy research, seem to be the last ones consulted on how to improve the classroom.

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  • International Women's Day in 2024

    Posted by · March 08, 2024 9:40 PM

    Welcome to the adventure into International Women's Day (IWD) thought leadership for 2024: 

    On International Women's Day, we reflect on women's impact on the world.

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  • Cool Green Environmentalism

    Posted by · March 04, 2024 10:40 PM

    The Environmentalism That Progress Forgot

    Within the spectrum of green politics there are many perspectives and philosophies that have a diversity of focuses and varying levels of support. They are often described as sitting on a spectrum from Dark to Bright, something like this:

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  • Two more parties have formally endorsed the Climate Rescue Accord

    Posted by · February 24, 2024 2:49 PM

    Along with Fusion, the Animal Justice Party and the Australian Progressives have formally endorsed the goals and objectives of the Climate Rescue Accord.

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  • Fusion Backs Heath McKenzie for Dunkley By-Election

    Posted by · February 21, 2024 12:24 PM

    Fusion is thrilled to plant our support behind the Australian Democrats to cultivate their candidate Heath McKenzie for the upcoming Dunkley by-election.

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  • (Updated) Fusion's position on Israel-Palestine after ICJ ruling

    Posted by · February 10, 2024 4:27 PM

    Fusion recognises the key takeaway from the ICJ court ruling is that; whether or not genocide is the intent, the current Israeli administration’s actions are on a path which has the potential to result in genocide.

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  • Healthy practices for Policy Development and Communications

    Posted by · December 12, 2023 1:49 PM

    Policy development and comms are difficult and time consuming. While we have a lot of really smart and talented people, we also need to recognise our limitations as a party of volunteers. 

    Read this opinion piece by Policy Chair Michael Maroske on healthy practices for policy development and communications. 

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  • Fusion's position on Israel-Palestine

    Posted by · November 30, 2023 11:08 PM

    Fusion condemns the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7 and the subsequent speed of which this situation degraded into armed conflict. This is a conflict which has visited unspeakable horror upon innocent people in both Israel and Palestine.

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