Fusion condemns the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7 and the subsequent speed of which this situation degraded into armed conflict. This is a conflict which has visited unspeakable horror upon innocent people in both Israel and Palestine.

Fusion recognises the concerns of potential or intended genocide expressed by both peoples and we stand first and foremost for the rights and safety of innocent civilians.

We further recognise the distinction between Hamas and the people of Gaza, and that Hamas is an ongoing threat to both Palestinians and Israelis alike.

We recognise that both peoples deserve and possess a right to peaceful self-determination.

Fusion calls on the Australian government to take an active part in global efforts to effect an ongoing ceasefire and engage in a solution which ensures the safety of rights of all Israelis and Palestinians.

At home we understand that this issue is divisive and a source of great pain for many, we are disappointed by instances of racism seen in recent weeks and urge all Australians to actively show empathy and compassion, reinforcing our commitment to a fair and inclusive society.

Fusion recognises that calls for Gaza to return to normal are calls for a continuation of increasingly severe suffering for millions of people who live in cramped conditions with restricted rights.

We recognise that Hamas is a source of constant efforts to radicalise the people of Gaza, that ongoing radicalisation will prevent any lasting peace, and that ensuring the safety of civilians on both sides may require the forcible removal of Hamas.

Fusion believes this ongoing conflict demonstrates a failure of global organisations, and would support reform of the United Nations including the security council to help prevent future tragedies such as this.

Fusion affirms its commitment to international law and again calls for cooperation with the international community. However, noting that this is unlikely, Fusion may support further intervention, such as a joint peacekeeping force composed of forces from; Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and at least four other non-Arabic UN member nations, to ensure transparency and accountability of all parties. This force is to secure the safety of both Gazans and Israelis, and to deradicalise the region by restoring access to healthcare and education with a curriculum overseen by participating neighbouring nations.