Secular Humanism

Our freedom to think and act in the manner that best reflects our morals is one of the most important features of western democracy. People’s religious views are often some of their most strongly held beliefs.

As humanists, we care about all people. Secularism ensures that not only do people have freedom of religion, but freedom from religion. A government must not be allowed to enforce beliefs on its citizens, and one’s spiritual beliefs should be kept away from the laws that govern every person in society.

  • Separation of church and state
  • End chaplaincy program in schools
  • Remove charity status of promotion of religion

Separation of church and state

The state must govern for all members of society, but religious laws and policies are exclusionary, and can not hope to represent the entire population. It is important that decisions made about the future of the country be based on facts, evidence, and logic.

  • Remove religious prayers, rituals, and bias from government and public institutions and their documentation.
  • Abolish blasphemy laws.

Ethical education

The views children develop in their younger years are likely the most influential on the type of people that they become. Teaching compassion, honesty, and freedom of thought will help to create a more kind and fair society.

  • Teach ethics in school to expose children to questions of morality and truth, as an alternative to religious education.
  • Replace the National School Chaplaincy Program with a National School Counselling Program, using trained counsellors suited to the role.