Fusion Backs Heath McKenzie for Dunkley By-Election

Fusion is thrilled to plant our support behind the Australian Democrats to cultivate their candidate Heath McKenzie for the upcoming Dunkley by-election.

Fusion sprouted as a coalition of like-minded minor political parties, growing together for the greater good of Australia. Although the Australian Democrats are not part of the Fusion family, we do not believe in ‘party politics’ − we are willing to back anyone who would be genuinely good for Australia, without being confined by party lines.

In addition to the Australian Democrats generally aligning well with Fusion, they have also taken inspiration from us. On their website, they’ve outlined a Climate Plan to “develop and publish pathways for rapidly decarbonising this decade, not wait until 2050” and to “Make Australia self-sufficient in renewables and a leading renewables exporter”, sowing the seeds for a greener future.

Heath aligns with our values and policies, making our decision to get behind his campaign an easy one. This effort helps cultivate sensible minor party and independent candidates as a strong voting option in Australia. 

In Queensland, Fusion is also endorsing an Independent candidate - Ed Carroll - who comes from the Australian Progressives, as a candidate in the Inala state by-election on 16 March 2024.

We are not career politicians and neither is Heath. We have shared goals to urgently repair the climate; to ensure our government is held accountable; and to ensure that Australia has a harmonious future. These tasks need urgent attention - and whether it’s us or the Australian Democrats, we need someone to get it done - because Liberal and Labor are certainly not going to do it, as they take turns in leading us down the garden path and destroying our future.

Heath is deeply rooted in the local community. He is passionate about growing vegetables - both in a personal and professional capacity, and is the President of the local Mordy Supers footy club, which is not too far from his home in Seaford.

Heath has advised us that these are his priorities:

  • Looking after our natural environment and taking action on climate change
  • Modernising our economy and creating a secure future for future generations
  • Moving to more sustainable agriculture practices and taking care of our farmers
  • Transitioning to renewable energy as quickly as possible
  • Taking care of the most vulnerable members of our community
  • Properly funding the NDIS to support those with disabilities and their families and carers
  • Overhauling the current political donation landscape
  • Give more authority to a central infrastructure organisation to provide long term consistency
  • Secure our position as a key custodian in the Pacific region
  • Invest in our education and provide good outcomes for people regardless of their intellectual capacity
  • Invest in a healthier community that relies less on our health system

We will be joining them online and at the polling booths from pre-poll and up until election day on the 2nd of March.

If you would like to join the Fusion delegation in helping Heath out, please email [email protected] 🙋

Fusion is staffed entirely by volunteers. If you want to see ethical government in politics and a better future for all please consider a tax deductible donation today.