Fusion recognises the key takeaway from the ICJ court ruling is that; whether or not genocide is the intent, the current Israeli administration’s actions are on a path which has the potential to result in genocide.

Irrespective of the intent, the emergency orders laid down by the ICJ are in response to an administration that has shown nearly complete disregard for civilians, journalists, and medical personnel,  in their pursuit of Hamas.

Fusion asserts that this near total disregard for non-combatants cannot be excused by assertions of Hamas’ intent to erase Israel. We call on the current Israeli government to adhere to ICJ orders and to denounce the Likud party’s encouragement of resettlement within Gaza.

Ultimately, between Israel and Hamas, only one of these has the capacity to effect a genocide, and that is Israel. Therefore, it is the moral obligation of the Israeli administration to take all steps possible to prevent that.

No longer is this merely a response to an attack on Israeli civilians. Now, what we are seeing is an ongoing campaign that is undeniably being advanced by a particular administration of Israel - the National Unity Government of the Israeli War Cabinet. 

Israel has the right to defend itself from the extremism perpetrated by Hamas, but this situation has far exceeded that definition.

This ongoing tragedy in Gaza represents a commensurate ongoing failure of global organisations. Fusion calls on the current Australian government and the international community to push for an immediate ceasefire and non-violent solution to regime reform in Palestine, and to resume funding of UNRWA to mitigate the dire results of this conflict.

If the current Israeli government is unable to uphold its moral obligation and comply with the emergency orders of the ICJ then it will be clear that this administration cannot be trusted to continue its current course of action.

If the current Israeli government cannot comply with the emergency orders of the ICJ then Fusion maintains its belief that a multinational coalition is the only way to preserve the people of Gaza and bring about an end to this conflict.

(See our original statement with details of the coalition we'd suggest; here.)