Fusion supports the Indigenous voice to parliament and the Uluru statement from the heart and is hosting a community discussion on Wednesday October 4th from 7-9pm AEDT,  to RSVP go to https://www.fusionparty.org.au/meeting20231004 (members of the public welcome). 

Fusion Party recognises the reasonable arguments put forward by The First Nations No campaign, including valid concern of the Voice being insufficient; however, Fusion also views that far Right voices would leverage a No vote to create further division, with a goal to prevent the path to sovereignty and Makarrata (agreement or treaty). 

A Voice in Parliament could potentially provide a vehicle toward achieving sovereignty, whatever form that sovereignty takes. However, the devil will be in the detail and the fight to prevent the Voice from being tokenistic. The Voice should have the power to make recommendations on any matter before Parliament that the members of the Voice deem as important to First Nations.

Read the full statement here https://www.fusionparty.org.au/voice_referendum