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Owen Miller grew up in Sydney and has long been interested in science fiction, ultimately leading to the study of mechatronics (robotics & control systems) and computer science at the University of Sydney.

After working in different software roles in Sydney and even dealing Blackjack for some months, Owen moved to Seattle to work on the recommender systems at Amazon. Owen later moved to New York and was involved in smaller startups, especially in hospitality. Although the start-ups didn't take off, this rite of passage involved less shielding from the real world and helped clarify the roles of the market and the state in the provision of essential aspects of life, such as software and social cooperation.

In 2020, Owen started the Non-Human Party; a vision for an opt-in online nationality that would optimise the existence of robots and animals, in addition to humans.

Upon moving to Melbourne in 2022, Owen became the Registered Officer of Fusion, with the hope of enabling Australia to reach its full potential as a wealthy, sustainable and harmonious paradise; a beacon for the rest of the world. He is currently serving as our Convenor.

Owen was our candidate for the 2023 Aston by-election, where we scored almost 3%, our highest result to date 📈

In 2023, Spotify classified Owen as belonging to the top 0.05% of Kylie Minogue fans.