All about nuclear

Join us for a special presentation by Dr Joanne Lackenby (Jo) on all things nuclear!

Photo of Dr Jo Lackenby with event details: A special presentation - Wednesday 7th December, 7.30pm AEDT
Peaceful nuclear technologies offer wide-ranging possibilities in energy, medicine and research. Come along to hear about these opportunities and the science behind them.

About the speaker:

Jo has nearly 15 years’ experience working in the nuclear sector in Australia, specialising in nuclear safety, licensing and regulation. She is the President of the Australian Nuclear Association Inc, an independent organisation dedicated to promoting the knowledge and practice of the peaceful, safe and effective use of nuclear science and technology to benefit people, science and the environment.

Jo is well-versed in international nuclear energy developments and how they might apply in the Australian context. She is a TEDx speaker and has a mission to increase public understanding of the benefits and potential of nuclear energy in Australia.


December 07, 2022 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Will you come?