Andrea Leong

Andrea Leong in a park

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Dr Andrea Leong worked at NSW Health in the COVID-19 Public Health response, having started the pandemic testing nasal swabs in the lab. She previously worked in microbiome research after completing a PhD on antibacterial surfaces at UNSW in 2016.

Andrea was Fusion's lead candidate for the NSW Senate in the party's first federal election (2022). Previously, she ran as a Science Party candidate:

  • 2019 federal election: NSW Senate
  • 2018 Wentworth by-election
  • 2016 federal election: Kingsford Smith

She became active in electoral politics when she saw a gap in the political landscape – no elected parties showed much interest in long-term planning. She has been proud to contribute to the development of a broad platform that promotes the wellbeing of people alongside environmental repair.

Andrea is also the president of RePlanet Australia, the local chapter of a global network of NGOs whose aim is to elevate humanity and liberate nature.

You can often find Andrea banging a drum at rallies and protests.