Food Bounty community

Get connected, and share food with your local community.


Food Bounty

is a community that facilitates and promotes:

  • food sharing
  • prevention of food waste
  • sharing skills, knowledge and events related to promoting sustainable and environmental approaches to sourcing food, including permaculture.

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Whether you're moving home or spring cleaning your pantry, you can start sharing food in the following locations before it becomes unnecessary waste:

  1. Inner West Sydney
  2. Newcastle
  3. Melbourne

Find more local Food Bounty groups here: groups on desktop device or groups on mobile device.



If you'd like to support Food Bounty's expansion, you can donate funds so that our efforts go further.
We plan to expand Food Bounty to include local cafes and supermarkets into our food-share community.
Funds will be used towards providing instructional information, posters, shop sticker and equipment to support safe foodsharing.

Feel free to ask for more information, email: [email protected]


Learn more

Getting Wise: guides for individuals, cafes and supermarkets donating food

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