Monthly Members' Meeting

This June, we'll be having 5-minute ⚡ lightning talks ⚡ from our members, about political issues important to them.

There are a broad range of expertise across our branches, and a strength of Fusion is our ability to combine our different backgrounds ‚ąí so if you have some deeper insight to share, please email us to join the schedule: [email protected]

A preview of some of the speakers:

  • Owen Miller: How Bad Software Threatens Our Society
  • Dr Andrea Leong: Cellular Agriculture
  • Miles Whiticker:¬†Fusion is a Metamodern Political Movement
  • Mark Miller: Challenges for the Energy Transition
  • Sundance Bilson-Thompson:¬†Transport Cycling and the Social Harm of Helmet Laws
  • Angus LP:¬†Cannabis Driving Law Reform
  • Tyrone D'Lisle: An argument for lifting the ban on nuclear energy
  • Kammy Cordner-Hunt:¬†The unaccountability of corporations in the commitment of human rights abuses (from her Masters in Human Rights thesis)

And many more! 

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 860 9992 7962
Passcode: 458220


June 05, 2024 at 7:00pm - 8pm


Owen Miller ·


Will you come?