Read on for details of Fusion's party name review, dates for the diary, and our submission on burning biomass as renewable energy!

  • Welcome to the new committee!
  • Party name review
  • Events:
    • Online (Zoom) catchup – Wed 16 Nov
    • Social meetups – Sat 27 Nov (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth)
    • Monthly Meeting – Wed 30 Nov
  • Submission to the RET consultation
  • We're on Mastodon!

New committee!

Our executive committee election results were announced at our Annual General Meeting on Sunday. Congratulations to our new committee members:

  • Sahar Khalili, President
  • Andrea Leong, Secretary
  • Luke James, National Campaigns Coordinator
  • Owen Miller, Registered Officer

And our continuing committee members:

  • Petar Johnson, Convenor
  • Michael Maroske, Treasurer

And many thanks to our outgoing committee members for their hard work:

  • Roger Whatling, President & Secretary
  • Miles Whiticker, National Campaigns Coordinator
  • Kammy Cordner Hunt, Registered Officer

Party name review

As discussed at the AGM, Fusion is reviewing its party name to make sure we go forward with a name that reflects our values and principles for many elections into the future. Read more on the process here (PDF).

Click here to propose a new party name and/or express interest in joining the working group that will assess the suggestions.


Politics & Hot Takes chat

Our next online social meet is on Wednesday 16th November, 7pm AEST, on Zoom.

Meeting link:

At these fortnightly catchups we check in on current events, posit policy updates, and shoot the breeze.

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Social meetups

If you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, check out your local social meetup on Sunday 27th November.

Click here for details.

Monthly Members Meeting

Our November meeting will include regular party updates, our Victorian campaign wrap-up, and directions for the coming year!

When: Wednesday 30th November, 7–8pm AEST
Where: Online, RSVP for the Zoom link

You can also join the meeting in person in Sydney! RSVP for Sydney here

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Submission to the RET consultation

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water recently sought comments on whether native forest biomass should be counted as "renewable" energy.

It should not.

Check out our blog post for some of the major points from our submission.

We're on Mastodon!

We've joined Mastodon while this Twitter thing plays out. Please get in touch if you want to help manage the account.

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