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Mayday, Mayday:

Please help John Shipton’s campaign to save his son, Julian Assange

Please support John Shipton and Julian Assange over the coming May Day long weekend in Brisbane by attending the conference about WikiLeaks, whistleblowers and the war on truth, The Persecution of Truth, at the State Library of Queensland on 30th April and to march in support with John Shipton at Brisbane’s annual May Day march the following day.

Julian’s situation is desperate. After 13 years of increasing persecution, the last four in a maximum security prison, he is being slowly, agonisingly crucified by the governments of the US, the UK and (shamefully!) his country of birth, Australia, the three countries that illegally invaded Iraq in 2003.

Julian exposed their war crimes and helped end that war, but at extraordinary personal cost. The show trial the US is planning after his extradition from the UK will be a farce held in CIA territory in Virginia with jurors drawn from the employees of the US Deep State. It will find him guilty and sentence him to another 175 years in prison. The CIA plotted to kill Assange in 2017 and they intend to see him die in prison. This is a brutal message from these murderous psychopaths meant for the world’s journalists that you do not expose US war crimes.

The meeting, The Persecution of Truth, will be held at the State Library of Queensland (Auditorium 1) on Sunday 30th April (full program below). It will give us the opportunity to examine worrying trends in politics and the media and to discuss our plans for action.

Julian’s father John Shipton will be the keynote speaker at the conference. He will be supported by Afghan War whistleblower, David McBride; Michael West of Michael West Media; Greg Barns, advisor to the Assange Campaign; and Terry O’Gorman from the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties.

The conference aims to reacquaint Queenslanders with the extraordinary achievements of Julian Assange and detail his equally extraordinary persecution. It will celebrate the achievements of Julian Assange in journalism and examine the frightening assault on whistleblowers, the growing restrictions on free speech, and the deplorable state of the Australian media.

May Day march

In recent years, John Shipton has marched with Julian’s union, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) in Brisbane’s annual May Day march, which is the yearly celebration for Queensland’s unions and the Australian Labor Party. John Shipton will march again on Monday. Bring banners, placards, t-shirts and stand up for Assange.

The Albanese government is an undeniable improvement on previous administrations, but they are still overly cowed by the warmongers of the US and the UK. We want to encourage them to be braver and a large contingent in support of Julian will remind them of the public support for Assange.

SUNDAY, APRIL 30 – The Persecution of Truth

When: 1.00–5.00pm, arrive at 12.30pm
Where: State Library of Queensland
Bookings essential: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-persecution-of-truth-tickets-597457069177

Truth is a lonely warrior, 1.00–2.30 pm
The prosecutions of Julian Assange, David McBride, and other whistleblowers by powerful actors in politics, the police, and the security establishment represents a major threat to our democracy.

  • Greg Barns SC (Advisor, Assange campaign)
  • Professor A J Brown (Griffith Uni, Transparency International Australia)
  • Terry O'Gorman (Queensland Council for Civil Liberties)
  • David McBride (Afghan war crimes whistleblower)

Free Speech, Free Press, Free Assange, 3–4pm
Those who expose war crimes are prosecuted while the perpetrators of war crimes go free: the story of WikiLeaks, British justice and Julian Assange.

  • Kellie Tranter (human rights activist)
  • John Jiggens (Independent Australia, Pearls & Irritations)
  • Michael West (Michael West Media)

A Conversation with John Shipton, 4.00–5.00pm
John Shipton, father of Julian Assange, talks about his son’s case, discussing the direction of the Assange Campaign, and his recent American tour.

MONDAY, MAY 1 – May Day march

The Brisbane Parade starts at 10.00am at the corner of Turbot and Wharf Streets, Spring Hill. Parade concludes at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Mayday! Mayday! Bring banners, placards, t-shirts and march for Assange!



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