Policy Development

A hub for current policy development workstreams for you to review and contribute.

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Other ways to Contribute

We also welcome skills in web development, UI/UX design and processes design to enhance the way we manage and present our policy. e.g. our prototype policy register.

Current Ongoing Workstreams

  • Housing Affordability

    Primary Contact: PDC
    Working Doc
    Aiming to produce a major policy suite, members have contributed a significant number of proposals to the working doc. We are in the process of assessing these proposals as well as molding them into a format to be presented.
    This followed a lengthy process of research and information gathering which produced a first draft problem assessment report. This report has contains much information but some inconsistencies have been highlighted that require resolution to be better included in the policy output and the current working document is main focus of this workstream.

  • Vaping/E-Cigarettes

    Primary Contact:o Angus L
    Working Doc
    The vaping/e-cigarette policy aims to regulate the industry by addressing the black market, legalising and regulating vaping as a adult consumer product with plain packaging and advertising bans similar to tobacco. It prohibits sales to individuals under 18, imposes penalties for unauthorized sales, and promotes eco-friendly practices through product stewardship. The policy focuses on health by limiting nicotine levels, banning harmful substances, mandating warnings, and funding education programs to deter youth from vaping. Additionally, it encourages recycling through discounts and levies on disposable vapes.

Previous Workstreams

  • Climate Emergency/Rescue (published)

    Primary Contact: PDC
    Working Doc
    We are updating the Climate Emergency policy in language to bring it more in line with current strategies and the expectations of other organisations that will be assessing us in election scorecards. This is heavily influenced by the in progress Climate Rescue Accord, which has also been contributed to by Fusion members.