This message from president Sahar Khalili was included in the February 2023 newsletter to members and supporters.

photo of Sahar Khalili

Since the new Executive Committee commenced in November 2022, the Fusion Party has been hard at work making important steps towards clarifying our vision and stance, for the benefit of our members and public.

One of our recent activities was a workshop to review submissions for a potential new party name. We are currently planning for the next steps, with the goal of incorporating the ideas and suggestions gained through our research, to come to a consultative response.

Our leadership team has been actively reflecting and planning for the future. Since we passed our first anniversary as a party in October 2022, we have been working to articulate our party vision and our shared values framework, to present the workings of it to our members and the wider public. To aid us in this effort, I'm curious to get your first impressions of our values framework. Here is an anonymised form to share your initial ideas:


The name 'Fusion' conjures my aspiration to be a party that is in a constant state of motion and growth, through consultation and collaboration with the public, to create robust, refined plans and policy with the assurance it has had some research or evidence or support to back it up.

We want to make sure policy and plans have gone through the rigours of community consultation, to ensure anything we develop is a demonstratively representative position for our communities. My goal as President this year is ultimately to move to make the mechanics and structures of Australian politics become more accessible, with Fusion as a vehicle to do that. Essential to this is connecting closer with our personal communities, and our members.

Something I like to ask of others is, "What do you want to achieve for yourself?" Bar anything to do with politics, Fusion, your "role"... what do you like to do, and feel good at doing? We want Fusion to empower our members to achieve their own goals, while we work together to build a better future for Fusion, with Australia's best interests.

We look forward to continued growth and progress in the coming months, and we invite everyone to be a part of our movement towards a bright future for all Australians (our current "slogan").

See you in 2023!

Fusion is staffed entirely by volunteers. If you want to see ethical government in politics and a better future for all please consider a tax deductible donation today.