We will publish our 2023-24 Pre-budget Submission when the relevant website does so, or when the budget is released.

Pre-budget submissions are our opportunity to make a case for significant government investment where it is needed. Ours is titled Cooling the Planet and Australia's STEM future.

The Australian government is relying on as-yet unknown future technology to deliver 15% of its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target. How are we going to get there? History shows us that we make new discoveries if and only if we support research and development – with cold, hard cash. 

Our submission proposes $20 billion in Research & Development funding over eight years to:

  • Expedite climate solutions that we need, but which don't have enough commercial funding
  • Grow Australia's STEM sector focusing on climate change mitigation, creating 100,000 direct STEM jobs plus 400,000 indirect jobs.
  • Make Australia a world climate leader, revitalising global partnerships and cooperation.

Australia turns out many brilliant solutions, including climate-saving ones – check out the awardees of the 2023 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering! Their advances in photovoltaic technology have given the world more efficient solar panels.

This is just one of many approaches we need to take to turn our trajectory towards a safe climate.

All this, and more

In addition to funding R&D, the federal government must also immediately implement the climate solutions we already have.

We can make this issue impossible for them to ignore.

If you're passionate about climate emergency action, or other you can help write the next submission!

Get in touch at [email protected] or on Discord.