Victoria online meeting for Dunkley by-election

Following the tragic passing of Federal Labor MP Peta Murphy due to breast cancer, the seat of Dunkley is now vacant and the by-election will occur some time in the new year.

Dunkley is situated around the Frankston area.

We likely will not run a candidate, however, we still want to run a campaign to push the overton window for evidence-based policies, raise our profile, build campaigning experience, meet people, and have some fun.

I invite you to an online state branch meeting on Wednesday 3rd January at 6PM. We'll discuss some fun campaign ideas, activities and what issues we want to focus on. For example, I am keen to put together candidate scorecards to hand out and have some beach days.

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Simon Gnieslaw, Fusion Party Victoria


Wednesday 03 January, 2024 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Melbourne Time)

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