Usually we'd send one newsletter a month, but this one was a little earlier (29th Nov) as we wanted to remind everyone of the November 30th deadline for suggesting a new party name.


  • Party name review
  • Events:
    • Monthly Meeting – Wed 30 Nov
    • Online catchup – Wed 30 Nov
    • All About Nuclear with Dr Jo Lackenby – Wed 7 Dec
  • Weekend social events

Party name review – submissions closing!

You may be aware that we are reviewing our party name, as announced at our AGM. This is a final call for party name submissions to be made by midnight local time on the 30th of November, via this online form.

If you have trouble with the form (or any questions) you can email your suggestion to [email protected].

How will the party decide its name?

All submissions will be considered by an open working group of party members – we hope to have wide representation of our members there. You can express interest in joining the working group via the online form or on the event page.

The group will convene 4.00–6.00pm AEDT on Sunday 11th of December, online via Zoom.

Thank you to all members who have made submissions. I look forward to a productive forum to give us a solid public identity, as we invest in our voter recognition and ultimately their vote.

Petar Johnson


Monthly Members Meeting

Our November meeting will include regular party updates, our Victorian campaign wrap-up, and directions for the coming year!

When: Wednesday 30th November, 7–8pm AEDT
Where: Online, RSVP for the Zoom link

You can also join the meeting in person in Sydney! RSVP for Sydney here

Photo of Fusion members. Text:


Politics & Hot Takes chat

Our next online social meet is on Wednesday 30th November, 8pm AEDT (straight after the monthly meeting). At these fortnightly catchups we check in on current events, posit policy updates, and shoot the breeze.

Zoom link:

Special event: All about Nuclear

Dr Jo Lackenby will deliver this educational talk on all things nuclear, including medicine and research!

Jo has nearly 15 years' experience working in the nuclear sector in Australia, specialising in nuclear safety, licensing and regulation.

When: Wednesday 7th December, 7.30–8.30pm AEDT
Where: Online on Zoom, RSVP here

A special presentation by Jo Lackenby on all things nuclear.


Weekend social events

It was great to see members and supporters in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney on Sunday 27th November! Hope to see you at the next social event!

Photos from social meetups

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